Duke Vincentio    Measure For Measure               Phil Willmott                      Union Theatre

Duke Frederick    As You Like It                               Rob Forknall                      UK Tour

King John              King John                                     Phil Willmott                      Union Theatre

Mother Gothel      Rapunzel                                         Charlotte Conquest           Creation Theatre co

Neville Trellis       Phys-Ed                                          David Windle                     24/7 Festival and UK Tour

Stephen                 Rock 'n' Roll                                 Chris Honer                         Manchester Library Theatre

Vanek                    Audience                                       Christos Chanios                 Manchester Library Theatre

Benedick               Much Ado About Nothing       Charlotte Conquest            Creation Theatre Co

Sky                          Vieux Carre                                  Roger Haines                      Manchester Library Theatre

Odysseus                Cyclops                                          Phil Willmott                      The Scoop Amphitheatre 

Oblomov                 Oblomov's Dream                     Robert Chuter                     Jermyn Street Theatre

Daunus/Richard  The Shell Seekers                      David Taylor                      UK Tour

Gerald                     An Inspector Calls                   Stephen Daldry                   UK Tour

Nicholas Osmond brilliantly displays King John's pomposity and haplessness                              King John                                                 SE1

TV and Film

George                  The Sarah Jane Adventures   Michael Kerrigan              BBC

Harry                   Harry and The Harlequin       Koran Khan                       Reel City Productions

Nathan                 Three Minute Moments            Don Allen                            All Enquiries Productions

Nick                      The Silence Of Mrs Lamb         Darren Wright                  Boden Productions

Prelate                  The 6 Wives Of Henry VIII      Nicholas White                 Channel 4

Bertie                    Victorian Values                         Mark Fielder                     Channel 4

Rose Price            Battle For Britain                       Steven Clarke                    Channel 4

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